Monitor overview

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Global E-waste Monitors

• The Global E-waste Monitor 2024 – Quantities, Flows and Resources.

The Global E-waste Monitor 2020

• The Global E-waste Monitor 2020 – Quantities, flows, and the circular economy potential

Global E-waste Monitor 2017

• E-waste Monitor 2017: Quantities, Flows and Resources.

Global E-waste Monitor 2014

• E-waste Monitor 2014: Quantities, Flows and Resources

Regional E-waste Monitors

• E-Waste landscape in Western Balkans: progress, obstacles, and recommendations for a more sustainable sector.

The joint UNEP-UNITAR 2050 Electronic and Electrical Waste Outlook in West Asia provides two contrasting future scenarios for e-waste management…

• The Regional E-waste Monitor for Latin America, results for the 13 countries participating in project UNIDO-GEF 5554…

Regional E-waste Monitor CIS + Georgia 2021

Regional E-waste Monitor Asia 2016

• Regional E-waste Monitor 2016: East and Southeast Asia

E-waste in Latin America

• eWaste in Latin America 2015: Statistical analysis and policy recommendations.

National E-waste Monitors

The National E-Waste Monitor Lebanon 2022

E-waste will double by 2050

Special Reports

E-waste will double by 2050

Global E-waste Data

The Global E-waste Statisitics Partnership, Map