The National E-waste Monitor 2023 – Kazakhstan

The National E-waste Monitor 2023 – Kazakhstan provides an assessment of statistics, legislation, and management infrastructure of e-waste in Kazakhstan.
With a projected population of 24 million people in Kazakhstan and an increased consumption of EEE per person, the amount of e-waste generation is expected to grow from 7 kg per capita (136.1 million kg in total) in 2019 to 18 kg per capita in 2050 (432 million kg in total).
Forecasting the environmental and socio-economic impacts of e-waste, the report sets out the directions of development of e-waste management system in Kazakhstan to 2050 in two contrasting scenarios, focusing on the associated opportunities to avert environmental and health impacts and recycle valuable materials. In the ‘Business as Usual’ scenario, the cumulative amount of unmanaged e-waste from 2020 to 2050 could reach 8 billion kg over 30 years, while the Circular Economy scenario would halve this figure to 4 billion kg. The Circular Economy scenario would recover and recycle 3 billion kg of valuable materials by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 95%. In addition, the Circular Economy scenario would achieve a positive economic effect of USD $276 million in e-waste management in Kazakhstan until 2050, while the baseline scenario could result in costs of USD $791 million.
Building on this analysis, the report provides recommendations and a practical national roadmap for environmentally sound management of future e-waste developed as part of national stakeholder dialogues.

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